Arguments for electric heaters

The Lucht LHZ team attaches great importance to the fast and professional processing of the concerns of our customers. For this, his personal contact person is at all times available and without obligation. We produce our heating appliances in Germany and thus receive jobs in the regions.


Apart from the special technology used and our excellent quality and workmanship, our customers can expect an excellent price / performance ratio. Promised is promised! This is the LHZ.



  • Up to 60% more ECONOMICAL to run than storage heating
  • Fully controllable
  • No fuel storage required
  • Only pay for fuel as its used


Easy installation

  • Available wall mounted or free standing (Castors available)
  • Simple installation
  •  13amp fused plug & 3M cable fitted
  • No maintenance



Quality control

  • Moisture-repellent storage stones
  • externally and internally powdercoat coated
  • Multiple overheat protection
  • Made in Germany



High guarantees

  • We rely on high environmental standards for people and technology
  • Long-term guarantees

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Lucht LHZ Efficient Part Storage Electric Radiators have been designed using the latest technology to create an elegant solution for all difficult to heat situations. They can be installed in almost any location due to the flexibility of the product. These electric radiators have been developed to provide an adaptable solution for electric heating for Domestic properties, Commercial properties, Offices, Schools, Holiday homes, Conservatories etc.


All Lucht LHZ electric radiators include a highly accurate electronic thermostat. There are a variety of control options are available which include, electronic manual, fully programmable digital or radio frequency. The radio frequency system is controlled through a wireless central controller (TPF-Transmitter). This system has a further option for control through a Tydom 1.0 central hub (Eco-Interface), from your mobile phone or tablet.


​The heating conductors are produced from highest quality chrome-nickel stee which are moulded into the Magmatic tablet. These are resistant to scaling up to 1100 degrees celcius. The contacts inside the radiators are protected

with insulated sleeves to ensure optimum safety. There are two  thermocouples within each radiator, these provide twin overheat protection for additional safety.


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