For our combination electric radiator, we provide a guarantee period of 12 years!


The LHZ Electric Radiators have been acceptedastheabest   practical solution to outdated storage heaters throughout the Worldforovery25   years. Their success is due largely to the following features and benefits:


  • No exhaustgasesHighlyyAccuratecElectronicyTemperaturecControlss
  • Castors&feets& available, simply plug and playIdea  forllheatinyconservatoriesgg
  • Suitable for bathrooms (IPx4 rated only)
  • Ideal to replace ineffective StorageheaterLowest,, runningcost in electric heatingss

Our unique electric combination radiators are designed to store the heat directly into the Magmatic ceramic tablets without any loss of energy. The high fin surface area creates a ribbed design across the radiator ensuring the correct balance of radiant and convected heat. Once the radiator achieves its optimum temperature it can continue to give out heat for up to 45 minutes dependent on the thermostat set-point. Radiators should use an average of between 3-5 hours electricity in a 24 hour day dependent on the programmed settings and building fabric.



  • Up to 60 % more ECONOMICAL to run than storage heating
  • 12 year manufacturer warranty
  • Available wall mounted or free standing (Castors available)
  • Simple installation, 13amp fused plug & 3M cable fitted
  • All heaters can have an inbuilt timer and thermostat
  • Radio frequency control available (RFC)
  • Any RAL colour available on request
  • No maintenance required
  • Fully controllable
  • No fuel storage required
  • Only pay for elecricity as its used
  • No smells from Gas or Coal burning



The radiators can be simply plugged in to a standard socket or hard wired to an existing spur connection. The range has the flexibility of being wall mounted or free standing on castors or feet.

  • Combination HeaterKindergarden Heater
  • Conservatory Heatercombination heater
  • Also with RF reciervercombination heater

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