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Radio Frequency Control  options

  • T-BasicThermostat

T Bacic Thermostat


  • Frost setting
  • Comfort setting
  • Economy setting
  • Can control up to 9 radiators in a room or zone at the same time
  • T-PodThermostat

T Pod Thermostat


  • 24/7 controllable digital radio frequency thermostat
  • Can control up to 9 radiators in a room or zone at the same time

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  • easy installation
  • Safe, clean and easy to use
  • In part at a frequency of 868 MHz
  • Different variants and sizes
  • No maintenance required at 100 % performance
  • Wall mounting or as a stand alon solution



Depending on the installation, LHZ electric surface storage heaters can be controlled differently - either as a single, independent heating system or as a controllable central heating system, with manual or radio frequency control.

TDI - programmabe Thermostat


  • Programming Mode
  • Economy Mode
  • Time/Boost Mode
  • Heating Deamand Mode
  • Frost Protection
  • Keypad locking function
  • Holiday Mode
  • Backlight timeout
  • TDI 24 hour Digitalprogrammabe Thermostat
  • DTEI1 Electronic Digital Thermostat

DTEI1 - Electronic Digital Thermostat


  • ON/OFF
  • Permanent comfort mode
  • Permanent economy mode
  • Permanent frost protection mode
  • TEI1 (E4)Manual Thermostat

TEI1 (E4) Manual Electronic Thermostat


  • ON/OFF Mode
  • Green light shows power is going into the Thermostat
  • Green AND red lights on, means that power is going into ther Thermostat AND into the Radiator Elements

Integral Control  options

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