Experience our electric wall convector Elegance!

Elegance, our electric wall convector has been used for many years around the world as a practical alternative to conventional heaters. Their success is largely based on the following characteristics and advantages


  • Outputs of up to 2300 Watt
  • In-built fully programmable controller, highly accurate management to reduce running costs of your VPS electric heater
  • Patented heat retention tablet deliver greater energy efficiency than a standard convector heater
  • The high quality aluminium element has a large surface area which warms up quickly and distributes heat in an effective way.
  • The unique Design and features included ensures low surface temperatures on the electric heater
  • Twin overheat protection
  • Wall mounted and free-standing options are available
  • IP X4 splash proof allows use in bathrooms and wet spaces
  • This slim range is 68cm deep




  • Thermostat "TDI"control and regulate
  • Model Elegancegood value
  • Model Elegancewarms quickly

Modell: Elegance mit "DTEI" Thermostat

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