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High-quality products made in Germany are a matter of course for us. For 30 years the name Lucht LHZ has been standing for a high quality level without compromise - we develop and manufacture our core products ourselves and are well established on the national and international market.


Moreover, in Lucht LHZ you will find a competent partner for planning and performance services that meet your needs. We are proud to offer you our personal support throughout the entire project - always striving for cost optimization.


Furthermore, our diverse product range - e.g. our unique surface thermal storage heaters  - helps you find solutions for special projects.

They are specially designed so that the surface temperature does not exceed approx. 60°C. As a result, this heating system is safe for use in kindergartens, schools or other sensitive areas. eingesetzt werden.


Our goal is to fulfil your needs!



Combination Heater

  • Simple installation, 13amp fused plug & 3M cable fitted
  • All heaters have an inbuilt timer and thermostat
  • Radio frequency control available (RFC)

Bathroom Heater

The LHZ Electric Radiators have been accepted as a practical solution for years.

"For large construction projects, I need a reliable partner who offers me fast and reliable efficient heating systems "

Lucht LHZ Efficient Part Storage Electric Radiators have been designed using the latest technology to create an elegant solution for all difficult to heat situations. They can be installed in almost any location due to the flexibility of the product. These electric radiators have been developed to provide an adaptable solution for electric heating for Domestic properties, Commercial properties, Offices, Schools, Holiday homes, Conservatories etc.

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Additional models

  • VisageTDI Thermostat
  • Visagemit Speichersteine
  • Visagemit Glasfront

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