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We want you to feel completely comfortable at home - that is why we developed heating systems that can be individually controlled and combined. With the Lucht LHZ Eco accessories, you can control the warmth in your home according to your needs - wherever you may be. Thanks to the free and clever LHZ App, you can control your entire home technology from a smartphone or tablet PC. You can enjoy efficient and cosy warmth in each room easily and whenever you need it.


Our appealing heating systems are "Made in Germany", convince by virtue of their long life span, are economical and efficient, and can be tailored to your individual needs.


Let us work together to make your home your very own personal feel-good zone.

Our download section offers you fast support and information. You can also give us a call and talk to one of our contact persons - we will be pleased to help you!



Combination Heater

  • easy installation
  • safe, clean and easy to use

Bathroom Heater

The LHZ Electric Radiators have been accepted as a practical solution for years.

"At Lucht LHZ I was well advised and get exactly the right heating solution for my home"

Their unique patented ‘Magmatic’ heating tablets provide the heat source for the radiator. While the electric radiator is classed as a 100% efficient Direct Acting appliance, the tablets provide partial storage to prolong your heating comfort and to reduce running costs by minimising waste heat. The robust body of the radiator incorporates a spot welded high fin surface to ensure that there are no expansion/contraction noises during the heating cycle.The high fin design boasts 6 times the normal radiator surface area to provide a balance of radiant and convective heat. Once the radiator achieves its optimum temperature it can continue to release heat for up to 45 minutes dependent, on the thermostat set-point. Radiators should use an average of between 20 to 30 minutes of electricity per hour, dependent on the settings and building fabric and outside temperature.

Additional models

  • VisageTDI Thermostat
  • Visagemit Speichersteine
  • Visagemit Glasfront

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